Hi, I'm Justin!

I studied EECS at UC Berkeley, and some of my pet passions include architecture, economics, and classic rock/blues. I currently work at a Applied Intuition, a startup building software infrastructure to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles

In the past, I worked at Stripe where I worked on Instant Payouts, and at Foursquare where I worked on the data infrastructure team.

At Cal, I was a member of Blueprint, a campus organization that works with nonprofits to build thoughtful web and mobile apps for social good. I also worked as an undergraduate researcher and systems administrator for Berkeley's Automation Lab, where I worked on an open-source platform to create responsive and engaging surveys for legislators and policy makers. In addition, I was a TA for Berkeley's Data Structures and Algorithms course.

If you want to reach out to me, shoot me an email at justin.mi [at] [my school] [dot] edu.